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Featured Three Star Strategy

Lava Loon Royale

Troop Composition: 2 Lavahounds , 22 Loons, 3 Baby Drags, 5 wall breakers, 15 minions, 4 rage, 2 freeze. CC: Lava

Baby Drag Farming Strategy

Troop Composition: 19 Baby Dragons, 10 Balloons, 4 Rage, 2 Lightning, 1 Quake. CC: Lava

Bowitch Assassin

2 Golems, 7 Witches , 16 Bowlers, 2 jumps, 3 rage 1 poison + Bowlers CC

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Don’t know where to begin in this free clash of clans resource guide? First visit the clash of clans strategy section. You’ll get videos full of three star tactics in both video and walkthroughs. It’s what the top 200 players of Legend league uses. We will update this section every month with the latest meta.

Then visit the clash of clans base layout section. We have paid good money to create these anti one star base maps that work for war and for farming. You’ll save as many trophies as you can. It is recommended not to display your real bases when you’re farming and use them only when you lose shield.

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