We got two kinds of Clash of Clans Strategy Guides– ones which are incredibly fundamental and others which are merely common sense. I would like to generate a page that is similar with the top suggestions I’ve been using from the previous 3 years through all my guides. I’m certain that everyone here will locate some useful guidance a Town Hall 11 player that is maxed.

I’ve split them in distinct parts to group them up a bit:

  • Assaulting Suggestions
  • Defending Suggestions
  • Updating
  • Farming
  • Clan Warfare

Before we begin, again, all these are little strategies for Battle of not complete guides and Families. I’ve really tried to link the associated guide in order to locate add-on information if necessary, where I gave the hint.

Assaulting Suggestions

Useful material while you’re assaulting you need to do:

Assaulting is consistently more significant than defending. Generally, you won’t have the ability to protect your base against a 3 Star assault, even if you’re maxed out, there’s a way. Only assault more often than you get assaulted to improvement.

Time that was constantly your Heroes capability received. Consistently wait till they drop below 50% health.

There are not any enchantments you have to drop your troops ON! Not one of these. Either you drop them before your troops reach a specific place – dropping charms instantly on troops is cutting out lots of the effectiveness or before you assault! (Read here more about deployment of charms)

Never assault a base from a random position. Pick your side carefully, depending on variables like Eagle Artillery Inferno Towers, Archer Queen, Clan Castle and much more. This really is a good deal to cover in a single sentence read this guide about deciding on the best side to assault a base.

While one of your Heroes is updating are your strikes enduring? There are strategies that may help you 1- 2-Star and Star without Heroes. Check them out here.
Locating the ideal queue organization is likely to turn you into a far more efficient leader (find out how your troops ought to be queued). It’s possible for you to foster only one or two Barracks instead of them all to save jewels (read about that here).

Understand the ranges of your charms with some simple magic tricks:
2 Inferno Towers if they can be completely connected to the Town Hall can be frozen by a Freeze Charm
Two layers of walls can leap if not more than 4 tiles are in between
A Quake Charm can ruin maximum 8 tiles in a row

Don’t assault from the corner of a foundation; the sides are a lot easier to funnel troops into the foundation (read here how to get your troops into a foundation)

Defending Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions you’ll find helpful to protect your base (prizes or resources):

Did you read the very first hint in the section that is assaulting? Defending isn’t worthless, but nonetheless, it merely works against attackers that are poor – fortunately there are a lot of them in the game. With some great tricks that are defending you can protect against these attackers.

When your Army Camps are complete – train added troops Queue up a complete second military. This can not just begin the training while you’re waiting for your assault, but in addition conceal resources from attackers (read more about concealing resources here). PS: You may also use this technique to consistently have gift troops prepared that you just don’t usually use (read about gift optimization here).

Your Clan Castle goes in the center of your foundation. Always… All the time… No explanations.

Consistently have your Inferno Tower in Multimode. Only consistently. Single-Mode simply doesn’t make sense usually (read here why multi-mode is the sole mode for Inferno Towers).

Force assaulting troops to walk into your traps with trap funneling (here are some excellent examples for trap funneling).

Ornamentation aren’t worthless! You can use them to group up troops for your splash damage shields (read here how funneling with ornamentation work).
Some upgrades for snares are useful and others are worthless – understand which ones will actually help you.

You don’t need to distribute traps symmetrically around your foundation, most strikes are from the underside sides (read my research about that here).
Set low level Hidden Teslas on the exterior with a Spring Trap (greatest Hidden Tesla standing per degree).

Updating Hints

Here are all the significant matters you should understand to improve your base quicker:

Don’t spend Stone on anything apart from a Builder (unless you already have all 5 of them)! Every Builder WOn’t only make the upgrade procedure quicker, it’ll prevent you having times when you can’t update and attackers can steal plenty of loot you could have invested.

Update Collectors and your Mines . The additional resources they’re going to create are for life and every day you wait is a day of squandering resources that are additional.

Never update multiple buildings or shields of the exact same type in the exact same time

Farming Suggestions

It’s all about the loot?

You need to always understand where the loot in a foundation is currently concealing why I wrote this guide to show you where it’s – that’s.

Attempt to break your shield prior to going to bed. This will definitely decrease your losses during the nighttime

You won’t have the ability to farm a variety of resources in the exact same time. Particularly in Town Hall amounts that are after you are going to have to concentrate and pick the right farming troops. It’s called focus farming strategy.

Consistently make use of the Payback Button as frequently as possible.

Clan War Hints

When you get your base on the world wide web, ensure that you change Hidden Teslas and all snares about.