LavaLoon is an outstanding assaulting strategy using Balloons and Lava Hounds. Air attacks are back and it potential to 3 Star with this particular strategy. In my opinion, this is going to be the TH10 assaulting strategy for the first half of 2017. Now I view it as the assault that is most often employed.

LavaLoon / LaLoon Works

The fundamental strategy behind LavaLoon would be to ruin as many Air Defenses as possible, send in Lava Hounds to tank away damage and divert defenses, follow with Balloons to take down defenses while the Lava Hounds do their job, and then ultimately send in clean up troops to take down what’s left. In detail, it’s a bit more complex. This really is precisely what I am going to reveal to you in this guide! ?
Which Town Halls Amounts does LavaLoon work?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Primary Objective Of This Assaulting Strategy

Fairly User Friendly, few measures

No complex scouting pathing and necessary for Tricks

Disadvantages of LavaLoon:

– Needs high level Spells & Lava Hound and maximum amount Balloons

– Occasionally needs higher degree Heroes (for strong TH10 and TH11)

Troop Variations for LaLoon / LavaLoon

There are various variations, however just modest differences. The strike strategy is constantly the same. Some prefer to utilize Minions, others bring just Balloons. These variations are personal taste and also you need to try them out yourself to see what works best for you.

Generally, I advocate bringing 4 Lava Hounds for TH11 and TH10. If you have Amount 2 Lava Hounds and ’re TH9, you can attempt with 3 Lava Hounds.

I would rather bring the FOUR Lava Hounds to get at least one of them accessible when it comes down to the past Air Defense.

Charms are , in addition, a question of favor as well as your own personal fashion. The greatest working makeup lets you take 1 Air Defense with charms alone out:

  • 2 Lightning & 1 Quake (zap 1 Air Defense)
  • 1 Toxin Charm for the defending Heroes
  • Fill up with Haste Enchantments!
  • For Town Hall 11, I advise that you take at least 1 Freeze Charm to take care of the Eagle Artillery.


Frequently the splash damage of the Balloons is sufficient to get the Town Hall without sending in Heroes to clean it up, ruined!

LavaLoon Step by Step

Let ’s have a look in the various measures this assault needs. The vital part of the strategy isn’t the time of deployment, but where you opt to begin your assault. LavaLoon assaulting consists of these 5 steps:

  • Take care of the Clan Castle & the Queen
  • Select the right side to begin strike and select which Air Defense you’ll take down with your ZapQuake (2 Lightning Spells 1 Quake Charm)
  • Send in your LavaHounds
  • Surgical Balloon deployment
  • Charms & Clean Up
  • Let’s have a closer look at these measures.

This assaulting strategy is quite strong and you are going to get results once you enter a routine. Nevertheless, there are several matters that may make these strikes neglect, so watch out:

  • Take good care of the defending Archer Queen
  • Take good care of the Clan Castle Troops
  • Frequently the Queen is counter so that you can take her down with a Suicide King or Queen as well as pull on the CC troops in an identical measure.


There are a number of variables to take into account when determining where to begin you strike:

  • Where are what amount and the Air Defenses?
  • Where are the Air Sweepers set & what Way are the covering?
    (TH10 and TH11) Where are the Inferno Towers?
    You’ll have a hard time in the event the Air Defenses are all in the heart. Lava Hounds will go right to Air Defenses leaving defenses that are exterior to take your Balloons out.

As you are required to deflect the defenses with your Lava Hounds to give the Balloons chance to take them down from the surface in, this is not going to work.

Consistently assault in a straight line – you ought to avoid assaulting from a corner since your Balloons will group together and get killed instantly.

Scouting foundations that are lavaloon friendly

Where the Air Sweepers are leveled additionally, take a close look. They are able to slow down Lava Hounds and your Balloons. This too gives the opportunity to target Balloons rather than the Lava Hounds to shields or can stop the Balloons from dealing damage on defenses. Do your best not to assault right INTO the course of an Atmosphere Sweeper when potential. Come from the side or from behind.

It ’s time to take the Air Defense down. This measure isn’t only about the the Air Defense, it’s additionally about the pathing of the Lava Hounds. Your Hounds might get into trouble by incorrect pathing in the event you take down the incorrect Air Defense and your assault can fail.

As you are going to deploy your Balloons at their back, what you would like is a clear pathing of the Lava Hounds.

The solution always depends upon where you’ll begin your assault. What you intend to do is always have a sort of “ L which means that your Lava Hounds will simply go from one to another and you can easily add your Balloons.

In this event you’ll ZapQuake the principal Air Defense.


In the event that you take down the bottom side with the charms, you’ll need to begin your assault together with the Lava Hounds either at 9 o’clock or 3 o’clock.

You don’t need your Lava Hounds to go too deep into the bottom your Balloons won’t follow quickly enough to take down the other Air Defenses. The consequences will undoubtedly be terrible for you becaue you WOn’t have Lava Hounds and the Balloons go down too fast.