Fancy three stars at every multiplayer raid or clan war assault? This army is guaranteed and the proof can be found in the free Clash of Clans video above. It’s so overpowered, it doesn’t matter what base you hit. The enemy will fall.

But there’s a catch: it costs a ton of DE and pink elixir for this army- almost 5700 DE!

Troop Composition: 4 healers, 5 Bowlers, 5 Witches, 8 Valkeryies and 1 Golem. The rest is your discretion

The Rationale: You will use the archer queen and 4 healers to demolish 1 side of the base. Before she loses steam, you will throw in 5 bowlers and 5 witches to join the fray. This will clear two sides. The coup de grace comes from8 Valkyeries.

The Archer Queen Bowler Witch Three Star Attack Strategy for Clash of Clans

  1. Find the corner nearest an army camp where there is a low concentration of point defenses. Avoid a corner if there are more than 2 xbows. Xbows with multiple cannons will destroy the queen even before you drop the healers.
  2. Drop the archer queen and a balloon. The balloon will absorb any hidden black bombs which will destroy a queen walk very fast.
  3. Once the balloon sets off any black bombs, it may be safe to deploy the 4 healers. Flank the queen with the healers and the warden.
  4. Allow the queen to walk and clear off one corner. When she turns red, activate the royal cloak. Have her walk a bit more.
  5. When the queen turns red, activate the Grand Warden for a 5 second invincibility breather.
  6. Drop a jump spell nearest the queen at the outer wall and a jump spell to the core. You’re setting the pathing for the final push. The queen should have cleared a corner and a half at this point in the game.
  7. Drop the five bowlers with the golem and the king. Wait ten seconds then drop the witches behind them with rage spells. The troops will rush to destroy one whole corner leaving two corners empty. This will roll out the red carpet for the Valkyeries.
  8. Before witches run out of skeletons, drop a rage spell on the town hall itself and deploy the Valks near the outer most jump spell.Granted no nearer buildings, the Valks will rush for the core and destroy it.

Don’t fear a well defended core

Many noob players balk at sending the 8 Valks to a core that has 4 Xbows and 2 infernos. Well guess what? 8 Valkyeries have enough hitpoints to take down all that under rage. Even if the enemy archer queen guarded the core, the valks would rip through her lingerie in no time and win you three stars!