Don’t have any COC Free Gems on hand? Use Baby Dragons

Yes it costs 500k Pink Elixir- but if you want to max out your heroes fast, this is the army to use. Not only will you get three stars, you will earn 6000 DE per raid at Titan’s league.

The strategy is simple. Bring 19 baby dragons and 10 balloons. Four rage spells with a Zap Quake. You’ll eat through the base like a swarm of locusts and swoop down on the DE and their hot valks.

Here’s the baby dragon strategy if you have no free gems.

  1. Drop a zapquake on the AD farthest your point of entry
  2. Drop the lava hound nearest the AD
  3. Drop a line of baby drags with balloons behind. As soon as the army advances on the clan castle and TH, drop four rage spells and the Warden.
  4. Use the two heroes for cleanup.

I could ramble on but the clash of clans video demonstrated by my clanmate Ash will best describe the process.

Enjoy the DE!