A new update is around the corner and it’s again time for a new update ticker where you have all the information you need to know at one place (plus my opinion, if you care) 🙂

For those of you that don’t know my update ticker, the news are from top (latest) to bottom (oldest) and I will update this page here whenever there’s something to write about the upcoming Clash of Clans Update in June 2019.

When will the update be? The most recent info from Darian tells that they plan to release the update in the first half of the year, that’s in June 2019. That statement was from mid of May and there’s not been any further update to this.

Builder Hall 9 (June 10th)

Supercell just released the first of two developer videos talking about Builder Hall 9 and there are some interesting thing in it that I want to share my thoughts on (you probably already watched it in the news section in Clash of Clans).

It’s the first Builder Hall Level that has been added new to the game, all previous levels have been in the game files with the initial release of the Builder Hall update and I think that we should give Supercell a thumbs up for how it looks, I really like how the designs evolve:

builder hall 9

Like we already know from previous Builder Hall level, every new Builder Hall level unlocks a new troop and a new defense – in the case of BH9 that’s the Lava Launcher and the Hog Glider. The Lava Launcher (you can see it above next to the Roaster) is like a Mortar but the area of impact will add damage over time to troops. Without more information, it’s hard to tell how powerful it will be, but it will add some more tactical and timing requirements to attack a base.

lava launcher radius

What I can say already is that the radius is extremely big so it will add some pressure on attacks that use corner deployments as well as attacks that make troops smash walls without Bomber – the damage over time will increase the longer a unit will be in the area, so when it will leave such a lava lake in front of a building or wall where troops will take some time, they will lose a lot of hitpoints (you can compare it to the Single Target Inferno Tower)

lava launcher stats

The Hog Glider however doesn’t appear to be such a huge invention – it’s actually a regular Hog Rider that just glides in from the air until hitting the first building or getting any damage and then transforms into a Hog Rider with the mechanics that we already know – that’s what I thought first

Actually this troops does add a lot of tactical deepness, a Hog Glider can be targeted by Air Defenses and will stun a defense when landing on it, this will allow you to snipe certain defenses but also requires you to carefully plan that attack.

However, how strong or weak the Hog Glider will be, depends on the final stats but I have the feeling it won’t be a killer troop like the Night Witch was when released but can still add a lot of value for us. Still, I don’t expect that the meta of BH9 will be spamming Hog Glider 😂

hog glider

A really interesting thing is the fact that we will get a second builder for the Builder Hall (called O.T.T.O) and also can send the Master Builder to our Home Village to be a 6th Builder.

People asked for this for a long time and Supercell decided to implement this in a way that will require you to have a maxed BH8 to use this – now I saw a lot of furious comments around how unfair this is and whatsoever… but to be honest, getting a maxed BH8 isn’t that much of a deal. Sorry, I know people will hate me in the comments but I didn’t do more that using my daily attacks (not even every day) and I’m already sitting on a fully maxed Builder Hall 8 for months so I don’t think it’s a huge problem and also a motivation to play Builder Base.

otto hut

Last but not least I was thinking a lot about the new practice mode… when I heard it in the video I thought they would finally allow us to attack out own base to test it, but that’s not the case here.

It’s actually a way for them to let us practice new troops or attacking strategies and I hope they don’t want to take away people from us content creators by teaching new attacking strategies inside the game (personally), but also think it’s nice for those players that don’t go to the internet search or YouTube.

Hard to tell now how this will develop in the future and how much effort they’re investing to make this feature worth it.

pactice mode

So that’s it for now and I’m really looking forward to the second  part that will finally show us what Supercell will do about the clouds in Legend league and I have a feeling that this will change a lot about leagues and – looking at Clash Royale and Brawl Stars – I think we will get more rewards and incentivization to push trophies in the future, but that’s just a feeling I have 🙂

Balancing Changes (June 8th)

Fresh in the news section we have some balancing changes that will be included in the June Update and they are numerous and also interesting in some cases.

There are new Level for the heroes at Town Hall 12, additional new levels to Golem and spells (you can see the full list here).

I don’t want to copy paste just the list here and rather talk about the things that really change.

The Earthquake Spell will now increase the radius with each new level, not the damage. So, a Level 1 Earthquake Spell has the same radius as the Earthquake Spell has right now, but at max level it will have 4.7 tiles making it viable against more layouts again – at least that’s my prediction, especially in war attacks where bases more and more used the larger sections with empty spaces where the current Earthquake Spell wasn’t that powerful anymore. Still, 4 Earthquake Spells will take down any wall.

As you can see here, the radius will really make a difference:

earthquake spell june 2019

The next thing is the Skeleton Spell, a spell that started big (at least appeared so) but got a last-minute nerf before release to not trigger the Clan Castle troops anymore – today, the Skeleton Spell is a niche spell used in rare cases in war but never made it to stand out, especially since the Bat Spell tool over.

Now we have a drastic change here that might give the Skeleton Spell the boost it needs and that’s an armor for the Skeletons. The armor is basically nothing else than any defense needs two strikes to take down a Skeleton and that can be interesting in many situations, especially keeping heroes busy or distracting cc troops – I’m really looking forward to this and see if this changes some meta in Clash of Clans.

skeleton spell with armor

Next thing that I really like is that the Grand Warden finally got a 3D model – this means we will very likely see a new skin for him very soon. But that’s not all, he finally doesn’t look like a purple version of a toy anymore, he really looks like a hero:

grand warden 3d model

Another visual change I really like is that the Level 6 Inferno Towers got a new design to stand out and I love the lava flow at the sides a lot:

inferno tower level 6

Research Potion & Hammer Changes (June 4th)

Update news are getting closer and first of all Supercell just released that there will be a new magic item, called the Research Potion – that’s the equivalent to the Builder Potion and will make the research faster for 1 hour by 10 times. So you basically will save 9 hours of research when using one.

research potion

Not that effective compared to the Builder Potion (you can only research one thing at a time in your lab compared to 5 Builders you can boost with your Builder Potion), but hey, I don’t mind picking up some of them in Clan Games or in Seasonal Challenges 🙂

Another thing is important and that will affect all of us stockpiling medals for the League Shop – you can only purchase one hammer of a kind once per 7 days after the update! So, if you’re like me sitting on hundreds of medals waiting for a new update to drop to push several buildings at once… you need to act now!

Use your medals and get one hammer of each kind before the update drops (if you can afford it), after the update you will simply have to wait.

Of course, this cooldown is only for hammers of the same kind! If you get a Hammer of Heroes, you can still get a Hammer of Building, but to get another Hammer of Heroes you will then need to wait for 7 days.

I think Supercell saw that many maxed or nearly maxed players stockpile their medals and will rush when a big new update, like TH13 that I think will be one thing for 2019, will be released.

So, Sneak Peek #1 out, update next week? No! Supercell already told they will release more Sneak Peeks over the next weeks, so it might take some time until we see more of the upcoming update.

Builder Hall 9 & Blue Skies (May 22nd)

Wohoo, first info about the update and it’s quite good ones if you ask me:

june 2019 update

So this confirms that we will see BH9 in the next update, alright, that’s nothing new and also coming a long way since most players should have reached BH8 or maxed it out already.

The better thing is that we finally will get the “Operation Blue Skies” results. For those of you who don’t know what this is, this is Supercells attempt on fixing the clouds for higher leagues, especially Legend League, and during Clan Games in Titan League. It took a long time for Supercell to work out a solution that would not totally mess up the whole game but something that will change a lot more than you might think.

Right now, about 1% of all players are in Legend League, so why is this so important? The thing is, there are a lot of players that avoid Legend League because of the clouds (like I also do, my last visit at Legend League was in April 2018 I guess), so this update will affect a lot more players that actually want to push but just didn’t because waiting 1 hour for a matchup is just the opposite of fun.

I feel like there’s a lot more than just showing bases faster (if there’s like a small secret they would’ve done that earlier), I think there will be more about it… something that will hopefully incentivize pushing as far in trophies as possible (the extra League Bonus of 20k Gold/Elixir for sure is not).

But let’s wait what it will be… and this leads me to another great news in this post and that’s that they say they’re still on track for releasing the update before July!

And we all know, when Supercell does hand out such a message, they are pretty sure they are on track, they only postpone updates in really rare cases after telling a deadline (I can remember like 2-3 cases when bad bugs have been found).

So, happy news, right?