Using the right brawler for every game mode is essential for your long term success in Brawl Stars, some brawler shine in some game modes but suck in others, so here’s my frequently updated list that will help you using the right brawlers.

The BEST Brawler (Myth)

I know many people out there want to know what THE best brawler (or the best 3 brawlers are) so they can just unlock them and focus on upgrading them. There’s a huge mistake in that strategy for several reasons.

First, the different game modes work differently and a brawler that works great in some game modes suck in other game modes. Also, Supercell rebalances the brawler depending on their win stats so the best brawlers now can be only medium in a few months and if you focus on them you will get a problem later.

So, focusing on only a few brawlers is wrong? No, but you should just understand that you need to have multiple brawlers that you will use for the different game modes and that’s what I will show you now.

Best Brawlers – Every Game Mode

I will only show you which brawlers work best for each game mode, I will also give you some background info why they work good for a specific game mode plus a basic strategy you use them with.

I also try to make you choose between brawlers that you can use early in the game as well – this wouldn’t be that helpful when I give you some choices of brawlers that you’re far away from unlocking, right?

Gem Grab

You will go in 3v3 teams and the first team that gets 10+ gems and hold them for 15 seconds will win the match.

brawl stars best brawlers for gem grab

Penny has an amazing range with her mortar and can hit enemies off screen and that make her an amazing choice for gem grab in Brawl Stars to hold the gems and stay back while still supporting the team with a nice nuke damage from the safe zone.

Nita is the best choice to take, especially in the beginning when you don’t have many brawlers unlocked in Brawl Stars but also a good option later in the game. The super with the bear is a massive help and you can stay easily in front of the whole action and take down brawlers like crazy.

Barley is not an easy brawler to master in Brawl Stars but his ability to throw his burning bottles over walls and leave them burning on the ground when enemy brawlers walk through it make him an amazing choice (just never use auto spamming with him and learn how to stay out of close action)


brawl stars best brawlers for showdown

Spike is the insane brawler to use in showdown in Brawl Stars. Not only his shots deal a whole lot of damage, but they will also then extend their range with the extra spikes making the super annoying to play against and with the heal on his super he can stay alive in a lot of tough spots.

Bull is especially in the earlier stages a great brawler for showdown in Brawl Stars. He has great hitpoints and can take some hits and with some energy bundles he stars taking down other brawlers with 2-4 shots. You can very nicely get some chests early on and start hiding in bushes and wait until an opponent brawler will walk directly in front of you and then spam auto to take him down, this will help you not falling for the longer range brawlers.

Poco can be very nasty in showdown healing himself up with his super and a very wide-spread and long-range attack he can be nice, especially in the earlier stages where many people use bull exclusively, not that much later in the game

brawl stars best brawlers for heist

Brock is a very good option here with his rockets having a super long range and he can outrange most other brawlers easily and there’s nothing they can do about it, especially you can spam the auto in close range and still deal massive damage that can make you survive tough situations in heist as well.

Penny is also great with the long-range mortar and making good trades in stars because you won’t die that often while you will deal great damage from the back and get enough kills to make it worth.

Crow makes this part final even when you might think that he is not that strong. His poison is super annoying to deal with in so many situations and will prevent enemies to heal back up so his strength is the keeping passive pressure on the enemy team in heist.

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Brawl Ball

Tara is the best brawler in Brawl Bawl if you ask me with a great ability to drag the brawler that has the ball and the ability to take down walls giving you great opportunities to control the match and get your team on the winning mode.

El Primo is a great carrier for the ball and can boost through with his superpower jumping over a big part of the map and very solid hitpoints paired with nice close-range damage.

Boss Fight

Nita is a great choice as she is insane being the boss when spawning her bear summon with her super. Especially in the beginning of your Brawl Stars career you should take her which will put you on the secure side no matter what role you will get.

In general every brawler that will work on a distance rather than close combat is better in boss fight in Brawl Stars – Shelly, Barley, Spike or Dynamike are also good choices.

Robo Rumble

I recommend you to use Barley or Dynamike for this mode in Brawl Stars because they can securely take down many robots while staying behind cover