Clan War Leagues are released and I think many of you don’t know how this whole league system works, how to take part and how (and what’s) to win in War Leagues. Reason enough for me to write this guide here.

How Clan War Leagues Work

Once per month the War Leagues are taking place for 1 week. So it’s like the Clan Games but not that frequently. Supercell wants to make sure to not give away the powerful rewards too easily. So, when the War Leagues are taking part, you will see that in your events tab where also troop events and Clan Games appear.

whend o war leagues in clash of clans take part

Once the War Leagues start, you can sign up your clan and also choose the members that take part. The fights are always 15v15 but you can take more clan members to the war leagues – actually you can take all of them if you want to.

Now there’s the matching that will place your clan (with all the participating accounts) against 7 other clans that you all will fight – each day of the week there will be one battle against another clan in your league.

During every battle day, you have 4 hours preparation time where you can select which 15 members will actually fight the other clan, donate clan castle troops and so on – like in real Clan War but faster.

Important! You will also get the victory rewards if you’re signed up, even if you’re not actively fighting in a battle – of course, actively battling will grant you additional rewards for gaining stars 😉 

Every victory and every star you score will add up the League Medals you get at the end of the season (= the week) – of course, the higher the war league your clan is in, the higher they are.

war leagues rewards

After that, you can use the League Medals in the new shop and get magical items and special decorations with them.

During the battle day you only have 1 single attack on each round (instead of the 2 in regular Clan Wars).

This means you don’t have the scouting information of earlier attacks against this base, making the tactical part a little less than in regular Clan Wars.

How To Win War Leagues?

You collect stars during the attacks and at the end of the week, or war league season, all stars that your clan collected are added up to total stars collected during that 7 days.

war league end result

The 1-2 best clans (depending on the league) will be promoted to a higher league and the bottom 1-2 clans will get demoted to a lower league.

war league season result

Also, the leader can give bonus medals to the 4 members that he thinks deserved it most (himself, most attacks, best attacks, most stars collected etc.)

bonus medals in war leagues


War Leagues are not here to take over regular Clan Wars, they are a fast-paced version one-time per month event that can reward your clan some really nice benefits with the hammer magical items. Engineering doesn’t make any sense here as your initial league will get chosen upon your best 15 Town Halls – if you try to get easier opponents, you get a lot less rewards so it’s just cheating yourself and your clan by doing that (and climbing that ladder with only one possible promotion to a higher league per month takes forever).

If you’re looking for a war base layout to use, I have always monthly-updated ones here:

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I’m really looking forward to see where this mode is going to and wish you good luck at your war league 🙂