While waiting for the update, maybe you’d like to join a Clash Community War Tournament.

It’s gonna be a 40v40 war, with 2 teams, warring each other in a friendly war just for fun. They’re looking at the breakdown TH11/TH10/TH9-5/15/20.
The war will start at the beginning of July, it’s 24-hour preparation and 24-hour war.
The name of the first team will be called the Solid Knights and the name of the second clan will be The Rapid Knifes.


  1. You must be TH9 and above to participate, yes we are aware TH12 is coming out in June but there will be no TH12’s allowed and .5’s are also allowed but rush bases or engineers are not allowed.
  2. All TH9’s but be cleared before TH10’s and TH11’s start attacking.
  3. No cheating is allowed, let’s keep everything cleaned guys
  4. You must be wanting to have teamwork to win and help teammates when needed.
  5. Being in the Discord server is a must! You can find the server link below👇

Want to Sign up?

If you want to participate being in the Discord server is a must, cause that’s where are and that’s where we’ll handle and Manage everything. If you want to participate you can join the Discord server with this link: https://discord.gg/W5rH9Wn and when joined look for the channel named #want-to-participate and in that channel provide the following information:
  • Town Hall
  • War Weight
  • Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen
  • Grand Warden
  • Which team you’d like to be in? The Solid Knights or The Rapid Knifes
We’d also be hosting a lot more events and projects in the future 🙌

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