Winning Defenses in Clash of Clans is a very essential part in pushing Trophies and it only takes two things to do that – leveling up your Defenses and create a solid base design. One very important part to achieve the second thing is controlling the troops your attacker uses to attack your base with the intention to take Trophies and resources from you.

Always remember that the attacker can only control the time and place where he can set his troops free and everything after that is out of his direct control – in this post I want to show you how you can take over the control.

How to use a funnel

A funnel is nothing else than a sequence of structures that control the AI of the troops – simply spoken it’s something that will make the troops go to a certain point or follow a certain path. As you already know there are some troops that prefer certain kinds of buildings to attack and those are the troops you can control best: Giants and Golems for Defenses Lava Hounds for Air Defenses Balloons and Hog Riders Wallbreakers by either placing those buildings to make them go somewhere or to place other buildings to make them go somewhere else.

In this post I will show you some samples of how you can control especially Golems and Giants.

Funnel Giants

Giants simply go after the next Defense they can see. After a couple of Defenses you will see that they group up together. This fact makes them very vulnerable against Spring Traps because then you can blow up a higher number of them. To funnel Giants best you need to have something like this in your base outside: With this you can control where they start their attack and build up a nice path for them they will walk down to the end. Another thing you can do, if you have quite low level Hidden Teslas, you can use the Tesla with a Spring Trap on the outside. The Giants will go after the Hidden Tesla right after they enter the fight and get blown by the Spring Trap. You can also add air Traps (especially Seeking Air Mines) to the funnel because Giants often come along with Healers and the Healer will follow the Giants and get blasted away as well. Funnel Golems Golems share the attacking preference with Giants – they go after the nearest Defense they can get, however there are some crucial differences we need to mind: Golems aren’t affected by Spring Traps Golems are often used along with Jump Spells This means we can’t use what helps most against Giants and we also can’t use Wall to keep them out of somewhere. I simply say that defending against Golems is something you probably only have to (and can) think of when you’re TH10. You need to keep them out of your core where your Town Hall is and to do this you need to lead them away from your core