Townhall 11 can be a menace – their troops pretty much sweep through most defenses like a knife through hot butter. The only way to resist the onslaught of Town hall 11 attackers is to use bases that coerce terrible pathing. Defensive towers placed at odd adjancies with resource buildings in between cause balloons and giants to zigzag, waste time and get shot down in the process.

Today’s video release identifies the top bases of Town hall ten with tricky pathing layouts.Use these bases and future bases to enjoy the following features

  • Tricky tower placements with zero clumping. It takes longer for attackers to reach 50% as they will traverse long distances to reach the next clash tower.
  • Resource towers that create blind spots to avenues leading to the town hall
  • Unconventional hidden trap placements where attackers will least expect. Most traps are placed inside the base. These TH10 bases have the nasty traps at corner junctions outside the base. Attacking armies will lose 30% even before reaching the good parts.