The Clash of Clans Town Hall Offset Strategy- COC War bases that Work

You will notice that many of these professional bases have the town hall offset near the edge or outside the walls. Before you panic at the idiocy of this base layout, understand the principles:

  1. Exposing the town hall teases the attacker to drop right next to the town hall
  2. You will have hidden tesla towers near the town hall and most of your spring traps and flying bombs at the town hall itself. The COC attacker will demolish the town hall but have little army to traverse the rest of the walls. The end result is a one star win at low damage points- 30% on the standard
  3. It’s best to keep the eagle artillery away from the town hall so both are not eliminated in one blow.

Special COC War Base Strategy

While most newbies center the town hall and eagle artillery, it is far better to center the Eagle and offset the town hall to the perimeter. As the attacking forces wave into the town hall,  the eagle artillery will be raining hell into the attacking forces.

Keep the inferno towers separate. The mistake most noobs make is to keep the infernos at the center within the same compartment of walls. If you war this way, all the opponent has to do is get 5 to 6 valkeyries to the center and you’re done for. Don’t make this mistake.

Place spring traps at corners or between defensive structures of your war base. Most wall breakers target corners and they will fly to the wide blue yonder. Bowlers and giants mass at defensive structures so spring traps around this will whittle down the army in no time.

Try floating walls around key encampments. The bases above display floating walls which are two walls around a key structure. When there is a gap between walls, wallbreakers never target them and will find walls with a defense structure behind. An annoyance to me as an attacker is a spring trap placed next to a corner wall that has a defense tower adjacent to it. It’s a wall breaker magnet and can take out almost all wall breakers in one blow.

If you want to take out the archer queen with healers, It helps that every zone has one cannon, one archer tower one xbow and one wizard tower covering it. The combined force will overwhelm even five healers and take out the queen unless the healers are on rage.

Your clan will win if every war if the enemy one stars each of your bases- and you two star theirs.

Clan Castle Troops for War Bases

As with push bases, the ideal clan castle troop consist of the following for maximum impact:

Baby dragon with two witches: the respawning witches will overwhelm even the archer queen on her annoying walk. The witches are vulnerable to mass valkyeries so the baby dragon will take them out from the skies.

Big dragon and baby dragon- on sheer hitpoints alone, this combination provides a formidable foe to mass armies. It will take the queen several seconds to take down both but the dragons should wipe out half the army. If you keep the clan castle centered, the queen may have died even before the main cavalry reaches the town hall. This leads fresh, powerful dragons to take out what is left of the army after an inferno battering.

Thirty five archers- yes that sounds weak and a poison spell can take them out, but this troop combination is so overwhelming it can confuse an attacking archer queen and destroy her- which leads to the next combination

All minions- an excellent choice similar to the thirty five archers. But its weakness is the poison spell