If you’re Town Hall 10 or above you might have a problem gathering enough Elixir for your upgrades – TH11 & TH12 especially has a lot of problems upgrading the Grand Warden and the new levels for the troops.

With every upgrade to your troops and every Army Camp space you unlock, the cost of your army is getting higher and higher in Elixir and that results in lower profits in Elixir – sad but true.

Grand Warden, Siege Machines, ARmy Camps and the Lab Upgrades don’t come in cheap, so I decided to put together this guide here to help you farm the Elixir needed.

Elixir Farming Basics

Let’s start with some basic tips first before I will show you the strategies for farming.

I know quite a lot TH11+ farm in Crystal League which is totally fine if you’re going for Gold or Dark Elixir – regular Elixir, however, is a little different to farm as you always have at least 200,000 Elixir in army costs, no matter if you’re farming with Goblin Knife or any other cheap composition.

I recommend you to go up to Champions League as a big part of your profit in Elixir is coming from the League Bonus and the Star Bonus – and both are connected to the league you’re in.

star and league bonus

I’m personally farming in Titan League and you see that the League Bonus is making up completely for my army cost and all resources I find in a base is my net profit. The Star Bonus also comes in daily with a nice extra 850,000 Elixir and that let me farm additional 6-10 million Elixir per week – just by farming in Titan league instead of Crystal league as a Town Hall 12.

Of course, if you’re TH10 you should go to Champions League to find good bases to attack 😉

All you need to do is to get 70% destruction and you will have all your army costs back in your storages and that’s something you can get against pretty much all bases.

I know many people out there love to farm in the lower leagues to get the whale bases offering 1M loot, but you see that when you go for Elixir you will need to cover your troop costs and when you find a base offering 300k in ELixir (which is already pretty good and nothing you see around every corner there), you will only make 100k profit because the league bonus will not cover your army costs.

That’s just my opinion and experience after many years of clashing 🙂

Army & Attacking Tips for Farming Elixir

First of all, you army is the second big thing you need to adapt when farming Elixir.

Migh you remember my Dark Elixir Farming Guide? There’s a good explanation why the army should be cheap in costs of what you’re farming.

Wrapping it all up, you can’t effectively farm Elixir if your army is expensive in Elixir.

So, obviously, the only thing you can do is adapting it so you use more Dark Elixir and get the costs in regular Elixir lower. I’m not saying your army should only cost Dark Elixir (this would also make you broke in Dark Elixir), but you can easily adapt armies.

Let’s take a look at this army adaption here:

farming with lavaloonian troop setup th9 th10 th11

With pretty much the same army and attacking strategy, you can 70,000 Elixir by investing 700 Dark Elixir – a deal that will make you a good profit over time.

Let’s say you do 4 attacks per day, you will save 2 million Elixir without changing one single habit or style of attacking per week – and you can go even further by using more Haste Spells and Minions.

With such army adaption, you can change pretty much any army easily.

Attacking Strategies for Farming Elixir

I personally recommend you to use these two attacking strategies:

CLICK HERE!Farming with LavaLoonian
CLICK HERE!3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

I personally prefer LavaLoonian as you can also use this while heroes are upgrading because it’s not dependant on the Queen Walk and can still get you the 70% 1-Star & 2-Star needed with a nice profit in Elixir.

Still, BoWitch is less expensive in Elixir and those of you who are really into Bowlers can use it to get loads of Elixir.


Farming Elixir is a pain, especially when you just upgraded to a new Town Hall and see all the new stuff you need to upgrade while still paying for your army. I really recommend you to make a priority list of what you want to upgrade with your Elixir as it’s not possible to farm dozens of millions of Elixir that fast – I always have like one Elixir Upgrade and Lab research active.