There’s one negative aspect of Clan Games since the introduction of Clan Games – people that only do a single or a few challenges and let the rest of your clan do the big work to earn the full rewards in Clan Games.

This is frustrating for those that really put effort into the Clan Games, especially when your clan doesn’t unlock the highest tier and can lead to a situation where you will see a big decline in Clan Games activity in your clan or even might lose clan members.

So, Supercell already said they will not introduce any change that will force a minimum amount of points to get rewards or scale rewards based on the points a player has – in other words: Supercell will leave it totally to your clan to deal with the leechers that don’t put any effort into Clan Games but still take the full rewards.

Another great job for the leaders and co-leaders in a clan. Not only have they to deal with the recruiting, watching that people obey the clan rules, donation ratio, war activity and so much more.

Find Clan Game Leechers

So, at least we can see the final points at the end of Clan Games, but sometimes a player was just busy and couldn’t get many points while he is still active in the other Clan Games.

Keeping track of that is a nightmare, but luckily there’s a nice new tool out there that will help you a lot! CGLeech will help you find the rotten apples in your clan.

You can add your clan tag at the CGLeech website and it will start tracking your clans’ Clan Game activity by members from that point on. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see past Clan Games there so you should add your clan tag there as soon as possible to get the full benefit in the future!

clan games tracker cg leech

Once added, you will see how many points your clanmates collected and you will see those who only make the 1-2 challenges every Clan Games to give them a final warning shot.

The effort for you is quite easy as you only need to check it every 2-3 weeks – with the only downside that you can only see the clan games results in CGLeech after you’ve added it.

Update! Due to so many players added their clan to CGLeech, the API from Supercell limits the tool and you need to manually refresh your clan result once per 7 days:

So, add your clan there now and get rid of the leechers in your clan games to get back on track to hit the highest tier 🙂

Visit CGLeech HERE!

PS: If you add your clan now, you won’t see results as this tool can’t read the past clan games from the Clash of Clans API – but if you like to see results from a clan that has been added earlier, you can check out here.

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