Gangstar New Orleans is for sure the best free open-world game for mobile with so many players all over the world competing against each other in Turf Wars and everyone wants to be the best thug out there.

I spent a lot of time separating the bad from the good hacks and adding some of my own tips that I gathered while playing Gangstar New Orleans for more than one year frequently myself.

I promise you that you will find all the good hacks that you need to know about here 🙂

The Hacks & Cheats in Gangstar New Orleans That Work & Don’t Work

If you follow these tips you will be able to get some nice 3-Star & 4-Star weapons & vehicles for your career in Gangstar without spending any of your own real money.

There Are NO Cheat Codes In Gangstar

Even though Gangstar New Orleans reminds a lot on Grand Theft Auto, a game where cheat codes make a big portion of the game, you won’t find any official cheat codes inside the game – the developer let you play the game for free and earns money for further development of updates by selling Diamonds so you probably understand why there are no cheat codes.

Online Generators & Hack Tools

You probably have seen one of those generators so far that let you insert the amount of Diamonds and Cash and hit the “Generate” button to get them directly to your account.

They come in many forms and colors and pretty much work all the same.

If you don’t know what I mean, you can check out one of them here:

90.000 Cash In 30 Minutes Hack

stealing cars for cash hackThe achievement that requires you to steal a certain amount of land vehicles will reward you with a ton of cash – in total it will reward you with 90,000 Cash for stealing 500 cars in total and you can do that in less than 30 minutes! 🙂

Simply stand on the road at the spawn point and take a car, leave it and take the car that gets hold behind it – this doesn’t take much time and you will never run out of cars – if the police is after you, you can simply race away in the car and wait until they forgot you (like 20 seconds) and get back.

Don’t Use Offer Jars

When you have some Diamonds you can open up Jars for a chance to unlock the powerful 3-Star or 4-Star weapons, vehicles or thugs that help you defending your turfs or complete missions for you.

gangstar get jars with diamondsThere are always some Offer Jars available that appear to have a higher probability to get you those items, but in fact they only have a 5% or less chance for a 3-Star or 1% or less chance for a 4-Star item and costs 50 more DIamonds compared to the regular Premium Jars.

You should rather focus on buying the Premium Jars instead because they are 50% cheaper and have the same chances for such an item.

Dismantle Hack

4 star jars in gangstar new orleansDo not make a collective game out of Gangstar New Orleans and keep the crappy 2-Star items. For every 2-Star item you dismantle you will get 55 pieces of 2,000 for a 3-Star Jar that will guarantee you to get a 3-Star item (and maybe even a 4-Star item).

You get 2-Star items so often that it will give you at least one 3-Star Jar every week if you play somewhat frequently 🙂

Do The Math Hack

get cash faster in gangstarYou shouldn’t let your thugs complete missions for you and rather let them defend your turfs (more on that below) – so choose the missions you do wisely. There are missions that require you to play 3 minutes for the reward and others only take 40 seconds – by choosing the shorter ones at the same level you will get the same reward but can do them 3 times in the same time (see the example left).

If you’re really farming cash for upgrades and fusions, you should think about completing missions on NORMAL difficulty instead of EXPERT – you will get more cash per energy point in the easier mode (44 Cash/Energy in NORMAL; 34 Cash/Energy in HARD; 29 Cash/Energy in EXPERT). It takes longer but with all the cash you need this is sometimes the only option to farm that without running out of energy all the time.

Upgrading & Fusing

Don’t fuse and upgrade 2-Star or lower gear, even a Level 1 3-Star item is more powerful than a fully evolved 2-Star one so prioritize on getting a 3-Star filled in by dismantling unneccesarry 2-Star items and getting Premium Jars with the free Diamond you earn with the tips I will give you below.

Gangstar New Orleans Hacks For Free Diamonds

So let’s talk about how you can get free Diamonds in Gangstar New Orleans without spending your real money – and the great news is, there are plenty of hacks to collect a couple hundred free Diamonds a week for a frequent gangster.

3-Star Every Mission For Free Diamonds

Clearing a mission in a the best time will give you some Diamonds if you do it the first time and unlocks a harder mode of the mission. So, every mission will reward you in total with:

  • Normal:
    • 1-Star: 1 Diamond
    • 2-Star: 2 Diamonds
    • 3-Star: 1 Turf Jar
  • Hard:
    • 1-Star: 2 Diamond
    • 2-Star: 3 Diamonds
    • 3-Star: 1 Turf Jar
  • Expert
    • 1-Star: 3 Diamond
    • 2-Star: 5 Diamonds
    • 3-Star: 1 Turf Jar

get free diamonds from missions in gangstar new orleans

That’s 3 Turf Jars (that will also reward you with 2-Star items that you can dismantle for 3-Star pieces) plus 16 Diamonds! That’s 880 free Diamonds only for the missions that will give you a great boost!

Stay Active In Turf War

Turf Wars is by far the best way to gear up and get free Diamonds every week! Best thing about it is that it is incredibly easy once you have reached a decent League.

free diamonds from turf wars in gangstar new orleans

You only need to hold like 3-4 Turfs constantly to keep up your current League and even if you are busy for a whole season you will get demoted but still receive the reward of the league you get demoted to 🙂

If you have a turf controlled, assign all your strongest thugs to it and most opponents will not even attack it. Attention! Do not use these thugs to complete missions for you, otherwise they will not defend your turf anymore.

You also shouldn’t focus on holding the turfs with the highest points/minute, go for the mid-ranged ones because they are not that likely to get raided every time when you’ve taken them over 🙂

This strategy got me into the 2nd highest Turf War League where I get so much reward without much trouble and only playing 2 small sessions every day.