What if you had an army composition that takes out 90% of the base and two stars the frigging enemy?

We’re hunting for a new TH10 assaulting strategy that results in 3 Stars since the Miner got nerfed nearly to death. With the recent changes concerning the Witch, she’s taken over the Miners position on the scoreboard making her a feasible alternative again. Here’s a strategy which I began using often and have had some great effects with – it’s a combination of Witches and Bowlers.

Bowler Witcher Killer Combos

The essential point of the strategy is assembling your funnel on the surface and getting your Witches as well as your Bowlers into the heart. In the event that you realize that, you’ve got a safe 2 Star against Town Hall 11 bases that are maxed, and occasionally you will get the 3rd Star.

Now I’d like to show you also a version that’s great in Clan Wars and how it works.

Which Town Hall Amounts does Bowler Witcher work?

**Town Hall Town Hall 11 & 10

Primary Objective Of This Assaulting Strategy

Clan War, Cup Pushing and (Gold&Elixir) Farming for TH11 (in Titan League)

Master Strategy

Simple (kind of mass) strategy

Safe 2 Star, when you learn the best way to construct a funnel, with 3 Stars potential

Disadvantages of this army Composition

– Needs Heroes & much updated troops

– Incredibly high-priced in Dark Elixir

Troop Versions for Bowler Witcher

There are just two variations of this strategy that is assaulting as well as the sole difference is the way you construct your funnel that is external.

The difference is modest – more Bowlers are used by one as well as the other uses Healers at the beginning Walk together with a Queen Charge / Queen.

Personally, I favor the mass Bowlers for routine multiplayer strikes and Healers for Clan War where I can plan my Queen Walk a little better as well as the foundations are frequently designed with a more increased exterior – plus I can see replays which may reveal Seeking Atmosphere Mine spots on the surface.

Your military set up is:

8 Witches
20 Bowlers 4 Healers & or 12 Bowlers
some Wall Breakers
Giants in the Clan Fortress
3 Rage Spells
2 Hop Charms
Poison Charm

Bowler Witcher Step by Step

Let ’s take a gander in the various measures this assault needs. The vital part of the strategy isn’t the time of deployment, it’s that you assemble a broad funnel on the surface.

The Three Steps

  • Constructing a funnel
  • Send in Witches & Bowlers
  • Use Rage & Hop Spells
  • Let’s have a closer look at these measures.
  • bowler executes strike

Measure 1: Assembling your funnel

If you do this wrong you are going to see your forces walk across the foundation and certainly will fight for the 1 Star this is actually the vital section of the entire strike –.

In the very first instance, you don’t want Healers. You can only send in all your forces at the same time and then support them with hero powers and enchantments.

My hard rule would be to clear off 25% of the exterior, then you certainly can deploy Witches and your Bowlers to that region that is cleared.

This measure is in fact quite simple, simply deploy them all as quickly as possible next to the place you cleared off.

If there’s nothing on the surface to wash, just deploy all troops at the entry point in the beginning of the strike

All you have to do will be to deploy your 2 Hop Charms support your Bowlers with the Rage Spells and to make a manner directly to the heart as well as the Town Hall.

This assaulting strategy is really strong, when your Bowlers are running against Walls on the interior since the Witches will offer you lots of Skeletons.

The strike for the heart and also the Town Hall doesn’t take more than 30 seconds, so there’s lots of time left to clear the foundation off and get the 3 Stars.

Significant! Try using the Grand Wardens power in the start to shield Witches and all your Bowlers in exactly the same time.

That much it.

This strategy that is assaulting fills in a difference – the Dark Elixir prices that are high yet aren’t making it useful for everybody. People who are short on Dark Elixir (or haven’t updated Bowlers and Witches) might need to make use of LaLoon instead.