Since summer of 2018 we can build our own emote deck of cool and special emotes that we can send over to out opponents during a battle – now that everyone wants to have the nice emotes in Clash Royale I thought it will be helpful to you to learn everything about how to unlock more emotes (and also which ways DON’T work and just waste your time).

How to get Emotes in Clash Royale

In order to add more emotes to your Emote Deck in Clash Royale you will need to unlock them first and that’s where the harder part comes in.

clash royale emote deck

emotes in shopOriginally, Supercell made the new emotes only available to get purchased with cold hard cash but changed that in December 2018 so you can also get them for 250 Gems in the shop where they randomly appear. It’s quite unlikely that Supercell will make them available for Gold but as we have ways to get Gems in Clash Royale without spending real money it’s a good step for many of us.

So now we can have a look at the best things you can do to unlock the emotes faster in Clah Royale.

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How to get Clash Royale Emotes for free

So first of all, I’ve seen tons of videos or other tips out there that will promise you to unlock emotes just like that or that you need to play battles in a certain kind of way and, yes, even some people telling that writing support begging for emotes will do it – bottom line they are all somewhat between clickbait and pure lie for whatever reason and you just shouldn’t waste your time with that.

The only way to get emotes in Clash Royale without spending cold hard cash is saving up Gems and wait until the emotes you want appear in the shop for 250 Gems and you get them there.

App Bounty or CashForApps. They will offer you free apps to install and use for 30 seconds and in return you can get a giftcard from them for iTunes or Google Play that you can use to buy Gems in Clash Royale (but as you won’t need your money but the gift card it’s free to you).

how I earned a lot of free gems for clash of clans
Here’s the proof

As you can see, I’ve made more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to buy tons 28,000 Gems with in Clash Royale – without spending one single dollar of my own in about one month!

Now you can use these Gems to get the emotes in the shop and you . won’t need to spend any of your money for it.

I know you would have probably expected a easy thing to do to get them, but nothing that is worth getting is easy to get in this world and all the other tips about getting free emotes in Clash Royale are not only appearing too good to be true, but they are. Above you will actually see the ONLY real way to do it unless you want to spend your money.