Choosing the right heroes for your team in Lords Mobile can be a tough thing. With so many different heroes and the effort it takes to max them out you don’t want to get stuck prioritizing the wrong heroes in Lords Mobile so I decided to give you my personal advice when it comes to the best heroes to use and the best team compositions for Colosseum, Hero Hunt or Hero Stages in Lords Mobile.

The Best Heroes & Teams

Every mode requires different heroes in Lords Mobile and I have my personal setups here with some insights on why I use it.

If you don’t have the same heroes as I have, simply switch in a similar hero from the similar class and you’re good to go.

Best Heroes & Team for Colosseum in Lords Mobile

Rose Knight belongs in your team, period! She deals a good bunch of damage along with other benefits. I also recommend you to put Demon Slayer next to her side because he is great as assassinating casters from the other team. Also, put Tracker in your team. She is ugly as the night but deals very nice burst damage and her stunning capabilities will come handy in multiple situations.

Colosseum Lords Mobile Best heroes

I also put Trickster in the team as well because he is the kind of long-range control heroes that can also deal a good amount of damage especially when he ultimates he can take down a big part of your enemies team. Completing this team with Incinerator and even when she is not that great in other parts of Lords Mobile, she is really devastating in the Colosseum.

Best Monster Hunting Team in Lords Mobile

I personally prefer to use the most possible caster power in my team for monster hunt in Lords mobile to get the most out of my hits and don’t need to come back that often.

Monster Hunt Lords Mobile Best heroes

I use Storm Fox, Petite Devil, Dream Witch, Elementalist and Incinerator but I know there are some Pay-2-Play heroes in there so if you don’t have them simply switch in the caster heroes you have in your roaster available.

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Best Heroes For Hero Stages in Lords Mobile

A good team for hero stages in Lords Mobile consists of one healer, one tank, one support, one dedicated damage dealers and two crowd control heroes. Especially the crowd control is important as you will need heroes that can stun on command, interrupt ultimates or push on command to keep your team alive.

hero stages Lords Mobile Best heroes

I use the following setup – Dead Knight is my tank in this setup and I prefer Rose Knight as support, also because she can deal some solid damage as well. You might think that that they are not the best heroes to fulfill that role, but they are also good crowd control heroes.

Prima Donna is the healer in my team setup and I use Death Archer as my dedicated damage dealer because she deals insane damage. I round that up with Tracker and have my perfect team setup for Hero Stages in Lords Mobile.


I hope this helps you to choose the best heroes and the best team in Lords Mobile and if you have some other thoughts, please don’t hesitate leaving a comment below 🙂