Supercell just sent their latest new game into public beta – or soft launch how they call it. Whenever Supercell releases a new game, even in soft launch, the hype is huge, of course. Just keep in mind they have launched the most iconic mobile games with Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Clash Royale been on the top lists of the App Store and Play Store for months and years. Even less popular titles like Boom Beach have still a huge community and many game developers would love to have at least the success of that game.

End of 2018 Brawl Stars got a global launch after almost 2 years in soft launch and now we stand here with the latest new Supercell game in soft launch (available in Canada, New Zealand and Australia only) – called Rush Wars.

With Clash Royale and Brawl Stars we had two games that had just a unique and fresh new game mode so it’s a little bit of a surprise to me that we now see a strategy game.

I spent several hours with Rush Hours since the very first hours and I think I have some interesting things to share here with you guys 🙂

How Does Rush Wars Work?

Some say it’s a blend of the best features of all Supercell games, others say it’s just a (boring) mix of it.

Of course, it’s hard to tell which direction Rush Wars will go after just playing it a few hours in soft launch but the general game approach is… different.

First I was hyped, then I started the game and it felt kind of boring but then it hooked me quite fast again.

But let’s start from the beginning.

In Rush Wars you will send a squad of units to find a Gold Mine (base) of another player and try to get 3-Stars from attacking and the Gold – in return you will earn boxes that contain cards for units and defenses that you can upgrade using that Gold.

The matches are really fast-paced – there are no training times or costs. You simply set up your desired squad and send them off for a small amount of Gold and can skip through bases until you find one that you want to attack.

Now you can either set up the deployment in advance or send them into the fight during the battle.

A battle doesn’t take longer than 1 minute and this makes it a perfect game to have a small match, no long training or searching for bases with a 3-minute long fight you know it from Clash of Clans.

This ends up in lack of strategy?

Yes and no. Yes you have a smaller squad but the defenses are often not static buildings (even though they are also available), you also have moving troops that defend so attacking gets a little more challenging when it comes to deployment strategy and how you perform your attack.

I found myself hitting additional attacks even when my keys to unlock boxes have exhausted (you can get one box every hour) just for the fast-paced thrill.

I also appreciate that they have chosen a different setting than placing this game in the Clash of Clans universe – still, you will feel familiar with the troops fast as they are similar to Wizards, Barbarians, Giants or Rage Spells.

So here are the 3 most important facts I think I want to wrap my first review up:

Game Mode

I like the fast-paced game mode and I have seen some similar games earlier but they never made it to global launch. If Supercell brings a game to soft launch they believe in a game and the early version that we can all play already (in Canada, New Zealand or Australia) already has the special “Supercell feeling”. You know what I mean when you open it for the first time.

Also setting up new defensive setups on changing maps every day makes the game less static and more dynamic – something a new strategy game needs these days.

Global Launch

Soft launch doesn’t mean this game will ever be released global, nor does it mean that this global release will be soon (Brawl Stars had 500+ days in soft launch).

It not only helps Supercell find bugs or balancing – it primarily shows them the retention rate and if this game will become a success. We all know that Supercell will not release games if they don’t have the potential to become hits.

Will Rush Wars Become A Hit

Hard to tell right now, it has several interesting elements and feels good. Of course, there will be many additional features and also graphics added in the future before a global launch (just look how Brawl Stars looked in the beginning and how it looked when it launched globally).

I believe Supercell has the potential to take these steps but after all the players give the indication if this game will get released – and that’s where I put a small question mark.

Unlike Clash Royale or Brawl Stars there’s no totally new game mode – it’s an attacking/defending game and even when they have a different approach there are tons of mobile strategy games out there and the market could just be saturated.

Most importantly, this game makes fun and we’ll see how it evolves.

If you want to get it you can get it in the App Store or Play Store but you need to be a Canadian, New Zealand or Australian citizen – or you use a VPN on Android or change your Apple ID to these countries like I did 😛

I also started a website for Rush Wars – – where I do post strategies and news here and there as well. So, if you play it you can pay a visit 🙂