Winter is knocking on the door and as always there will also come an update before Christmas in Clash of Clans and this ticker here will keep you updated with what’s coming up.

In this FREQUENTLY UPDATED article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview what’s coming in the December 2018 Update – especially those of you who don’t spend hours in the official forum and Reddit.

Clash of Clans December 2018 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

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New Troop & Giga Tesla Level 6 (December 4th, 2018)

The nice thing about the videos that are released along with the Sneak Peeks is that there are always leaks for the next Sneak Peeks.

This time we can be quite sure that there will be a new troop that pretty much looks like an Ice Golem and a new look for the Dark Barracks.

Also there will be a new Level for the Giga Tesla at Town Hall 12:

Release on Thursday or not? (December 4th, 2018)

The last sentence in Sneak Peek #2 is a little bit confusing:

Normally I’d say that this means that we will see the update on Thursday, but this would mean the December Update would be rather small.

So, there are two options if you ask me:

  1. Tomorrow we see the details to the announced balancing changes for the December Update and the update ill be indeed on Thursday
  2. We will not see any Sneak Peek tomorrow and the next Sneak Peek will be on Thursday and has something to do with rocks (spelled in capitals, would be Darians kind of humor)

I really hope the update will be more than just the new spell and the new magical items, but the last update is not that long ago and was very huge with the Clan War Leagues so chances are 50:50 I guess…

Bat Spell(December 4th, 2018)

We get a new spell in the December Update, the Bat Spell. It works pretty much like the Skeleton Spell but the bats fly.

You can unlock it at Town Hall 10 and spawn up to 27 bats when upgraded to Level 5.

bat spell in action

Now many here might think that this spell is probably useless since the Skeleton Spell never made it into the meta of the game since it has been introduced one and a half years ago. The bats might be very useful to distract defenses that will target air units and also they ignore walls.

Looking forward to try them out for sure 🙂

Brawl Stars Obstacle (December 3rd, 2018)

Not directly related to the December Update, but with the global release of the latest Supercell game, Brawl Stars, on December 12th we will also see a special obstacle as well in Clash of Clans:

2 New Magical Items (December 3rd, 2018)

We will get 2 new magical items like announced earlier, and I really like them!

Hero Potion

Will add +5 level to your heroes for 1 hour (max level is the max level for your Town Hall)

Shovel of Obstacles

This one can give you the opportunity to move a obstacle in your base, like a Christmas Tree or other seasonal obstacle – how long did we wait for this?! I’m really happy about it, especially as the witch hat from this years Halloween Event was placed pretty bad in my base…

shovel of obstacles

Changes to Magical Items stock (November 22nd, 2018)

Darian just announced in the official forum that with the December Update you won’t be able to stack magical items beyond their limit via events.

I’m not sure if this will also count for value pack purchases as he specifically mentioned events only (and most offers only make sense with multiple books).

Reddit AMA with Darian (November 20th, 2018)

Yesterday Darian hopped on a quick AMA (as me anything) post in Reddit and gave a lot of info about the upcoming update and also Builder Base and Clouds in 2019.

I have here the important info wrapped up for you, divided in news regarding the December Update and the upcoming updates in 2019:

December Update:

  • The December Update will be for Main Village, including some balancing changes
  • first update teasers should go out “next week or so”
  • Siege Machines will get “some new love” (might be balancing or maybe a new Siege machine?)
  • we get seasonal troops and events like the last years
  • new Magical Items
  • more to come that has not been specified explicitly

2019 Updates:

  • A fix for clouds in Legend League in the first half year of 2019
  • Builder Hall 9 release in the first half year of 2019
  • Planning to add new gameplay to the Builder Base as well as clan involvement
  • Supercell is planning ahead for TH13, TH14+; however they’re not sure if there will be new Town Hall level every year but it sounds a lot like we will see TH13 in 2019
  • New Goblin maps have been just the start, there are plans to release more maps in 2019
  • Clan War Leagues will get a fixed schedule
  • …and very likely a lot more

So what I took out of this is that the December Update will not be a huge game changer but include quite a lot of stuff and the big updates rolling in the first half of 2019.

The thread is quite long, but if you want to read the full conversation you can do here.

Christmas Tree 2018 Leaked (November 17th, 2018)

With every December Update we also get a Christmas Tree as a seasonal obstacle – if you want to know how it will look like there’s good news. The tree has already been leaked:

clash of clans christmas tree 2018

A nice way to start of this new update ticker if you ask me 🙂