Your weapon is half of your success in PUBG Mobile and I know that many of you are not sure which ones to actually go for and use – that’s why I have been building this list here that will show you the best ones of each category.


If you’re playing PUBG on mobile, there are differences in weapon stats and general gameplay handling compared to PC & Console version, so don’t rely on the PUBG Weapon Guides that don’t specifically refer to the mobile version!

This here is for those of you that play PUBG Mobile.

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Now let’s start off. I always have one or two weapons per weapon category (depending if it fits or not) that you should go for – I didn’t wanted to put those here that are not good just to tell you they are not that good – this is about the best weapons in PUBG Mobile and if you hold another weapon in that category go and switch if you can 🙂

Best Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile

Looking at the pure stats, the AKM should be on top of the list but the very heavy recoil makes it not the best weapon here for me. If you’re an advanced player that can handle the M16A4, you should go with that (but probably only with gamepad or you play on Bluestacks) as the burst mode is hard to handle and it doesn’t offer a full auto mode.

SCAR-L Best assault rifle in PUBG Mobile

For me, the SCAR-L is the best assault rifle in PUBG Mobile that you can easily master with great stability and recoil. Alternatively, you can also go with the M416 that offers a ton of attachment that can make it even better than the SCAR-L when fully stacked with attachments.

I recommend you to run your SCAR-L weapon with 4x Scope, Half Grip, Compensator (AR) and Quickdraw Extend Mag (AR) for the best results 🙂

Best Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile

Although you can only obtain it from air drops, the AWM is without any doubt the strongest sniper rifle weapon in PUBG Mobile with the highest range and damage that can even hit through tier 3 headgear.

awm best sniper rifle in pubg mobile

In terms of attachments, you want to go with the 8x Scope, Suppressor (SR), Cheek Pad and Quickdraw Extend Mag (SR) for the best results 🙂

sks best marksman rifle in PUBG Mobile

In my opinion you should go with the SKS. It still has a high recoil when firing but with all attachments equipped you can keep that in a balanced way somehow. Use 8x Scope, Compensator (SR), Quickdraw Extend Mag (SR), Vertical Foregrip and Cheek Pad.

Best Shotgun in PUBG Mobile

When it comes to shotguns in PUBG Mobile, there’s actually a clear choice. The S686 only holds 2 shots which makes it quite a suicide mission to use it and the S1897 fires so slow that I also refuse to really use it unless I need to.

S12K the best shotgun in pubg mobile

In my opinion, the S12K is the best one here because it’s semi-automatic and can hold more shots which let you miss a shot without giving you a sudden death sentence for that – make sure to assemble the Quickdraw Extend Mag (AR)!

Best Submachine Gun in PUBG Mobile

The UMP9 is the only useful weapon in the submachine gun class in PUBG Mobile in my opinion as most can’t get really assembled with attechments and have good stats.

Best Hand Gun in PUBG Mobile

Handguns are only used on close combat mode when everything else fails so my choice here is the R45 with very nice damage and I don’t care about RoF or recoil at this time.

Best Melee in PUBG Mobile

I always love the pan for the simple reason that it has a tier 4 armor that nothing can penetrate and when I have it in my inventory it is stored at the back of my backpack and might take a shot from behind 🙂

the pan in pubg

Hope this list helps you in the jungle of different weapons in PUBG Mobile and good luck 🙂

In case you’re looking for some more tips for PUBG Mobile, please refer to my general tip guide here.

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