Siege Machines are adding a new tactical dimension to your attacks as they can deliver troops to a point inside the enemy base instead of just starting somewhere outside the base. In this guide you will learn all the basics you need to know about Siege Machines plus tactical tips how to use them right to get the biggest boom for your bucks.

About Siege Machines

If you want to use Siege Machines, there are two possible ways:

  • Either you’re Town Hall 12 and built the Workshop to create them yourself
  • Or you’re at least Town Hall 10 with a Clan Castle Level 6 and get them donated from another clan member

The Siege Machines are nothing else than a way of transport for your troops that keep them save unless it gets destroyed or you choose to release them yourself.

You will need to decide while scouting a base if you want to use a Siege Machine and which one you’d like to use.

choose the right siege machine

Once the attack is started, there’s no way you can change that again so make sure to not attack too soon.

Once the Siege Machine is deployed it will target the Town Hall directly – no matter of the Town Hall is destroyed or not! When the Town Hall is already destroyed, the Siege Machine will still target that position and also automatically release the troops there (if you don’t choose to release them manually)

You can release your troops manually at the very spot the Siege Machine is by using the green button in your troop bar.

release cc troops from siege machine

Attacking Strategy for Siege Machines

First of all, don’t think that you need to use a Siege Machine in every battle to gain an advantage – it always depends on the setup you’re attacking and the army composition you’re running.

Luckily, you don’t need to decide that while training troops, you decide that during scouting.

What I now want to do is giving you some examples of how you can use Siege Machines extremely effective in your attacks.

Taking out Defenses

When you will your Clan Castle up with Valkyries, put them into a Battle Blimp and use a Rage Spell, you can take down a defense or even the Town Hall without investing any more troops.

The only thing you need to make sure is that the Battle Blimp will survive the path to the desired structure – so an Eagle Artillery in the middle of the core is no target you can get because the Battle Blimp will simply not get there.

siege machine take down defenses

The nice thing is, you don’t need to mind funneling at all as it will always take the direct path towards the Town Hall.

Pro Tip! Have a look at the shadow of the Battle Blimp, this is the spot where the troops are released when you press the release button 🙂

Cleaning The Town Hall Afterwards

The Town Hall now has a defense built-in – this will prevent many situations where some leftover troops lock on to the Town Hall and take it down.

battle blimp town hall cleaning siege machine

With the Battle Blimp, you can clear a Town Hall after all your army is done as the Battle Blimp will target the Town Hall for sure while heroes sometimes get distracted.

The Wall Breaker

We all know the situation when something bad happens to our Wall Breakers – they sometimes go to another wall piece, walk into a trap or get hit by some splash damage accidentally. This can ruin a whole attack easily, so the Wall Wrecker comes in handy here.

wall wrecker clash of clans

There’s no way it will go somewhere else than the straight path towards the Town Hall and also crushes maxed walls in 3 hits – you only need to support it with something like a Golem that will tank some damage and you will open up the path easily.

What Troops do Siege Machines work best with?

It’s probably too soon to see all the new compositions for attacking and new defensive strategies coming in the next weeks & months, but for now the best combination is Valkyries with a pre-deployed Rage Spell for sure as they will take down every building within a second and no damage output in the world can stop them.


The Clan Castle troops have become a more important tactical part of attacking with the Siege Machines and it’s very likely that Supercell will add more different Siege Machines in the future. They will force a change in meta due to the fact that they can now crush funneling and take down strategic defenses on their own and force base designs to have different defensive approaches in the future.

This guide was written right after the release of the Siege Machines, so be sure I will add more in the coming weeks here – if you have some things you’d like to add, simply post it in the comments 🙂

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