Supertroops are the latest addition to Clash of Clans and a very interesting concept to introduce new troop features into the game without messing with the balance too much by introducing new troops constantly.

You can thing about Supertroops as a temporary buff to your regular troops that will give them special abilities.

What Are Supertroops & How Do They Work?

Before we get deeper into this, let’s have a look at the place where you can actually set up your Supertroops:

supertroops barrel clash of clans

This is the place where you do select your current Supertroop (available Town Hall 11 and higher).

The thing here is, you can only have one troop to be your Supertroop and once you have actived one Supertroop (e.g. Super Barbarian), you will have that troop as your Supertroop for 7 days and can’t select any other troops as Supertroop during that period. Once this week is over, you can select a new troop to be your Supertroop but it can’t be the Supertroop you just had (in our example with Super Barbarian, you can’t run another 7 days of Super Barbarians and need to use one other troop as Supertroop in between).

You see, now we have some tactical aspects here, especially if you switch your attacking composition a lot or not at all as you can’t switch a lot and you also can’t run one troop as the Supertroop non-stop…

supertroops train screen

As you can see, it will cost you Dark Elixir to activate a Supertroop and I think that’s okay with 50,000 per week is something that you can afford, especially when it comes to those of use that are in the end-game and taking the benefits you get into account.

Donate Supertroops

You can donate Supertroops to your clan friends if they request this very Supertroop, so this is another tactical aspect here as you can’t donate a Supertroop you’re not actively running.

All Supertroops & How Strong Are They?

Please mind that this guide about Supertroops is work in progress and will get updated frequently over the next days/weeks. You will get here a full rating of how well a Supertroop is so you know what Supertroop is worth running…

super barbarianSuper Barbarian

The first troops is the Super Barbarian and you might notice that the feature you get here is similar to the Barbarians ability in the Builder Base.

This effect will be temporary and they will get back to become “normal” Barbarians after the 8 seconds are over.

Right now this ability will give them 5x hitpoints, 5x DPS and 25% faster movement speed. In return, you also need to pay 5x the cost in Elixir and it also takes 5x as long to train them compared to regular Barbarians.

coc sneaky goblinsSneaky Goblins

They will be invisible for 8 seconds and with up to 200 DPS they hit like a truck, perfect for stealing some loot during the attack or get the high hitpoint storages down faster in funneling.

The real dealbreaker here is that the Town Hall is also counted as a resource building for Goblins, so Sneaky Goblins will be able to take that out, too.

I don’t know if that was intended by Supercell but I’ve seen already replays where 15-20 Sneaky Goblins can take out a Town Hall 13 when using along with Jump Spells and a Rage Spell and this will either get patched out before the update drops OR we will see some big changes in how base designs will work to prevent that with bulkhead storages that keep the attacker from funneling in with 20 of those for an easy 1-Star attack.

Super … (coming soon)…