If you’re looking for a new base layout for your TH7 village you will find these two bases here really helpful.

I have here one war base for Clan Wars that will prevent you getting 3-Starred and a Trophy/Hybrid base design that you can set up for your home village ????

Why you only find one war base and one trophy/hybrid base here?

Actually pretty simple – there are so many sources out there that only put together some bases and then leave you with the question which one to actually take instead of making a real review of the base and showing why it works. You also often don’t see if they are outdated or how old they are…

I will post here bases that I have tried myself and will give you also situations from replays that show how well the bases are working. Of course, I will update them from time ti time, especially after updates that change the meta 😉

I think this is a much better approach to handle this.

The TH7 War Base Design

Let’s start off with the war base…

???? Here’s the base layout ????

best th7 war base january 2020

You’ll find the link to copy this base at the end of the review 🙂

Why I Think It Is The Best

It works great against the attacks that you will see most – mass Dragons or DragLoon at Town Hall 7. It also does perform quite well against Hogs but as I said, Dragons will have the hardest time against this base.

General Layout Of The Base

You normally don’t see many war bases at TH7 that us an asymmetrical design with the Town Hall not in the center – normally because there are not enough trash buildings available at Town Hall 7 to really make this work.

This base has one single mission and this is defending the 3-Star against mass Dragon attacks so it has chosen to rather sacrifice the Town Hall and give away the 2-Star more easily rather than giving away the 3-Stars.

This base encourages attackers with Dragons to come from the back of the Air Sweeper – for one reason because attacking into the Air Sweeper is nuts and secondly, because the other sides are places right into the corners so there’s less space to make some proper deployment of troops.

So, the attacker normally does exactly what we want him to do and now this is what will happen…

best th7 war base january 2020 dragon kill zones

Air troops, Dragons and Balloons, will start building the funnel but due to the fact that you have the dead zones around the Air Defenses, they will not path towards the Air Defenses and rather go straight up because there are always buildings and defenses that they rather target – and while this happens you will see the Air Defenses to their deadly job against the air troops of the attacker.

You see, this base encourages the attacker to do exactly what we wanted him to do and I’d say only 5% of all attackers at TH7 that use Dragons in war are smart enough to actually see the trap they’re falling for when attacking this base

Also often times you see the “smart” attackers that want to take down the lower Air Defense and also lure the Clan Castle troops with either Hog Riders or Balloons. Actually this is a smart move against this base from a scouting perspective, but here’s what will happen

best th7 war base january 2020 lure cc defense

For the reason of the Hidden Tesla that the attacker can’t see before attacking this TH7 War Base, Balloons or Hogs will simply not go for the Archer Tower and the Air Defense, they will start going through the Hidden Tesla to the Mortar and won’t even lure the Clan Castle (unless they used more then 4 units, but that would be quite some overkill and they will waste housing space there).

But this leads me to the Hog Rider attacks against this base…

As I said in the beginning, this is not a perfect Anti-Hog Base for Town Hall 7 but it has some decent defending capabilities that won’t make the Stars fall easily against Hogs.

Your best chances are when the attacker uses to attack with all Hog Riders together and completely ignores surgical or tactical Hog Deployment at all – what still a decent amount of Town Hall 7 attackers do because it works against many bases till now.

best th7 war base january 2020 defend hog riders

So the best chances if they attack in one pack is the trap placement here with the Spring Traps in between two defenses that forces the Hog Riders to go through them and trigger them with maximum value for you. Don’t change the traps or try some double Spring Trap arrangements, it won’t give you any extra value and rather risk wasting any potential.

The double Giant Bombs also work fine but be aware that deploying the Hog Riders surgically will destroy this base. Please keep in mind that a TH7 Base will get 3-Stared at some point in war so your main goal is to waste as many attacks of the opponents as possible before that happens and there’s no base that can do everything.

In my opinion having covered the plain mass attacks of Hog Riders and Dragons will give you the best start with your base to actually do that.

So, all in all this TH7 War Base will cost several attacks to 3-Star and ultimately a higher Town Hall player will have to approach to get the 3-Star.



You can copy the base directly by using this link but please understand that obstacles will prevent buildings to get placed – if you have some grass design or many obstacles in your base you might need to build parts manually from the above image.

The TH7 Trophy & Loot Base Design (Home Village)

Now let’s have a look at the base design that you should use in your home village to defend trophies and also your loot from greedy attackers.

???? Here’s the base layout ????best th7 trophy base january 2020

You’ll find the link to copy this base at the end of the review 🙂

Why I Think It Is The Best

It works effectively against all kinds of Giant attacks you see at Town Hall 7 – Giant/Healer,  GiWi (Giant Wizard) or GiBarch. Those are the most-frequent attacks and also the attacks you want to defend against.

It also can withstand Dragon/Hog Rider attacks – although they are a complete overkill when looking at how expensive that army is for just one single attack.

General Layout Of The Base

Basically, this base has small compartments around the core that will slow down Giants, once they broke through a wall there’s another wall right after that – this is annoying to deal with and the Wall Breaker AI will never make Wall Breaker go straight into the inner joints and always open other compartments on the outside.

best th7 trophy base january 2020 defend giants

Also, the trash buildings on the outside will be annoying to clean with the Wizards or Barbarians/Archers and often times the attacker messes the funnel up and can watch his troops walk around the perimeter of the base with no real victory at the end ????

best th7 trophy base january 2020 perimeter

This will cover like most of the attacks you will get that are reasonable – now let’s talk about the others, and that’s Dragons with Hog Riders. I can’t understand why a person will invest such a huge load of resources into a normal multiplayer attack but still, there will be a point where you have many resources and you don’t want them to constantly crush you, right?

best th7 trophy base january 2020 defend hogs

What normally happens is that they need to clean your Air Defenses or the Dragons won’t have any chance. The cool thing is that the arrangement of defenses will tear the Hog Riders apart and once they start un-packing they will become a lot more vulnerable and also your King will give them some nice additional crushing as well.

By the time the Dragons come in, there are still enough Air Defenses up to keep them from crushing your entire base. With some luck, you can even keep them away from getting the 2-Star 🙂

best th7 trophy base january 2020 defend dragons



You can copy the base directly by using this link but please understand that obstacles will prevent buildings to get placed – if you have some grass design or many obstacles in your base you might need to build parts manually from the above image.