The Push Base Honey Pot: 

Most attackers will be tempted to hit this base at the southern edge with a queen walk and lavaloon strategy. What compels this? Most of the air defenses are at the northern regions with the Eagle Artillery close to the southern border. Failure will be inevitable as the black bombs are clustered in the south and good clumping of point defenses will take out most queen walks

What about a mass bowler attack? Dropping bowlers at the south may lead to decimation of your eagle artillery but the numerous trick walls will trap the bowlers or valks into a box where they will be slaughtered by splash and point damage.

Push Base Worst Case Scenario

Most attackers will one star the base at precisely 50% without the townhall going down. If attackers use two jump spells with mass valks, it is possible to destroy the townhall but the total damage will go to 38%. Either way, the attacker does not two star you which is a good thing.

Remember this: two star attacks on your base will bleed you a lot of trophies. Your aim is not always for a winning defense, rather it is to have a one star defense loss. This way you slough off only 8 trophies rather than 20 trophies.


Ideal Clan Castle Troops

Since 2017, I find that the top troops for defense remain to be the following combinations of elite warriors

  • One baby dragon and two witches- the endless flow of skeletons can overwhelm an attacking queen supported by healers and the warden
  • One large dragon and one baby dragon- the combination of high hit points will rain death on any trespassing bowler attacks. One of the best war defense combination to date
  • Lava Hound and Balloons- this combination tends to delay archer queen walks long enough for the attacker’s timer to run out. The assault can rarely go beyond 50%
  • Mass minions- this defensive troop composition can derail mass bowlers or mass valks. The weakness is one or two dollops of the poison spell can disperse them in seconds. It works, but this is my last choice among the good defensive troop strategies.
  • Golem with a balloon-  wait what? why not a giant? Simply because giants do not possess the attack power of a marauding balloon. While the archer queen squares off with the golem, the balloon dances over head dropping bombs on her face. How cool is that huh

Tactics to Make this Push Base Better

The Tesla Redeployment

Most people expect the teslas to be at the core. However if you study the points off attack by most of your aggressors, you will found most to enter from bottom right or left.Put your tesla towers there. While you lessen the defenses of your core, you will derail the opening move of the attacker- whether its a queen walk or bowler walk. This will leave the attacking army in great confusion to funnel.

Black Bomb Redeployment

Are you still leaving your black bombs all on the outside? Stop. Keep these in a ring within the inner periphery. You’ll force the grand warden to deploy pre-maturely leaving attacking air forces no cover once they’re at the center being battered by the inferno towers.

Another option is to study where lava loon attacks originate from. Cluster your red bombs in the periphery and the black at the second line of buildings near the origin point. You will again derail many air attackers and lead to the dreaded 38% damage quotient.

COC Hero Deployment

The average player keeps heroes on the outside fearing that they draw troops to the inside. From experience at Legend League, I find it best to position heroes at the periphery of the core. This draws attackers to them while the inferno tower batters them quickly.