Trophy Pushing needs no ability that’s what Ash Lane of Clash with Ash said! You can make your own life a whole lot more comfortable with some fundamental things that can allow you to earn Decorations quicker, although this really is right. Additionally, being in your ideal Prize range since the League Bonus for winning strikes have turned into an increasingly more fundamental part of all Clashers income while only farming is more significant than ever. Read to trophy push to 6000 cups? This article will help you a great deal.

The Principles about Trophy Pushing

Generally, when we discuss Trophy Pushing (or additionally Trophy Hunting) it’s all about bringing in prizes and scaling through Leagues. Typically, a Prize Pusher simply assaults a base which will honor at least 1 Star for Prizes, blows off the loot and uses expensive militaries.

Is Trophy Pushing just for end game Clashers that is TH11?

No. Trophy Pushing has several motivations:

  • Enhance abilities with serious assaulting strategies (to be more successful in Clan War)
  • Setting up a personal record in the Player Information Tablature
  • Earn the Accomplishments for the Stone that are extra to get an added Contractor
  • Reach a higher League to bring in a better League Bonus for farming
  • You see that most of the reasons for Trophy Pushing are training to virtually all Clashers.

How can Trophy Pushing Be Executed Properly

Frankly speaking, it’s than you lose, earning more Cups.

Trophy Pushing Step by Step to go into the League of your dreams

We’ll need to take a look at the defense and offense standpoint individually, about shoving Cups with you and I am going to share my personal experience.

Prize Pusher Assaulting Strategy

I said you will need to earn more Decorations at a particular stage the majority of your strikes WOn’t achieve success and than you lose –. You need to be conscious that you need to assault a lot, although the defensive component is the following chapter. To start with, you have a need for a strategy that you simply feel comfortable with and also, quite significant, have troops which are very much updated. Depending in your Town Hall Degree, I advocate one of these makeups:

Trophy Pushing at Town Hall lower and 8

When you push you may go for the Master League to get the Accomplishment for the additional Gems that’ll help you the very first time get another Contractor.

The finest attacking strategy I advise that you use is with Healers and Giants.

If you’re looking for an attacking style that lets you assault multiple time in a session and is extremely fast you may also make use of the old fashioned BARCH:

Trophy Pushing Town Hall 9

I advocate using air attacks because many other player that is TH9 haven’t are and updated their Air Defenses a target that is very simple:

Perhaps your air troops aren’t updated enough to use or if you’re not a tremendous fan of air attacks, you may also make great progress together with the old fashioned GoWiPe:

I am aware there are other 3 Star strategies out there like GoHo, etc., but they need deeper scouting and aren’t needed to prize shove.

Trophy Pushing Town Hall Town Hall 11 & 10

The most easy method is using Valkyrie or Bowlers strikes. They can be created instantly for a significant reasonable cost and you’ve got the likelihood to 2 Star and 3 Star a whole lot.

With promoting Heroes you’ll be able to continue pushing.

My recommendation is the fact that you begin then use it alone instead of changing around a lot and using an attacking strategy. You are going to get in performing and scouting the assault with each time you use it and this makes it much more easy for you long term.

Work with shields and strikes

Everyone has different programs – some can do regular strikes during the day, others can just attack in the morning and a few times during the evening. It’s essential that you simply begin using strikes as frequently as possible – scouting plus assaulting takes about 5-7 minutes, it’s generally potential to do strikes if you’re active during the day!

Keep the motivation roaring like crazy

Trophy Pushing can be tough sometimes and it’s simple to reduce focus. Allow me to help you with a few motivation that may keep your focus up:

Set yourself small goals, like winning a certain number of strikes daily. From my experience, don’t establish yourself goals like acquiring 30 cups daily, because then you might screw up the strike and might go for an assault to satisfy that aim.

It’s consistently your primary target to NEVER lose an assault. By going after a base that can honor plenty of prizes obtaining just several prizes from a safe strike is preferable to losing a good deal!

Trophy and defending Pushing

You should guard your Stars as really possible, even once you learn after having passed a particular point in Prizes you are going to lose the majority of the strikes.