“3 Star a foundation” – Where’s the loot” this really is among the happily used expressions in Clash of Clans “. In the event that you research for better means to 3 Star, you’ll most probably find good stuff on Youtube and find hundreds of videos that all claim to possess the secret formula to 3 Star everything, any time. Finally, you’ll be seeing a couple of remarked and cut replays using a particular troop armadas. Just viewing a video won’t make your next strike any better in relation to the ones before.

I ‘ve several 3 Star assaulting guides here for specific strategies that are assaulting, but I actually needed to make a post that is committed about 3 staring as a mental process and what other abilities you need as the Leader. Performing 3 Star strikes is a lot more than using a particular troop composition.

Three Star Attacks- a Dissection

Firstly, I would like to place one point right that many Clashers appear to misunderstand about 3 Star assaulting. Many believe it’s wiping out everything that goes and only overrunning a foundation. That 3 Star works. That’s just something which occurs from time to time because strikes that are classic function against some bases.

Is it art? I would like to describe the various strikes:

Zero Star strikes – Either an assault that went wrong or wasn’t meant to get 1 Star. Finest examples are hardcore farming raids where the attacker simply targets getting the loot.

1 Star strikes – Either assaulting strategies that use inexpensive, or unsuccessful strikes, where the attacker wasn’t capable to get to the Town Hall organizations to get the League Bonus. An example would be BARCH – raids they’ren’t designed to get 2 Stars.

2 Star strikes – Raids were employed by the most. Particularly in the end game in the Leagues that are high where maxed bases are extremely difficult to be ruined utterly. These assaulting fashions, particularly GoWiPe, GoWiWi, etc., aren’t designed to get 3 Stars. They may be formed to get all high DPS troops into the heart to get the next Star and also the Town Hall. Occasionally they go ” that is wrong, absolutely, when they get 3 Stars and overrun a foundation.

I don’t would like to finger point, but most assaulting strategy replays you view online are cut scenes together from these replays that offer the delusion that those strikes are 3 Star strikes. Actually, they’re not. They’re 2 Star strikes.

What ’s a 3 Star strike?

3 Star strikes don’t have a particular troop mix. They’ve distinct phases that may make them 3 Star strikes. If we take another look at GoWiPe, GoWiWi or LavaLoon most times, you see a pattern that is clear:

They all funnel forces to the centre to get the Town Hall plus at least 50%

Why aren’t they 3 Star strikes? Just because all your forces transferred to a place and there’s no means that the 3 Star is planned. These assaults send the troops into the heart for a suicide mission, expecting they stand to get down the Town Hall. Seldom they go farther and get the 3 Stars, but after the Town Hall is down everything that happens is.

A strong 3 Star strike has a strategy of the best way to get all shields down and clean up the foundation entirely. To put it differently, when the heart is being worked on by a portion of the military, the attacker will come from the other side with Balloons or surgical Hogs and wipe out the other shields to get everything down. Clashers that perform serious 3 Star strikes intend so their troops will survive long enough to get the 3 Stars, to get everything out of their way, they don’t trust for it.

When you compare GoHo to GoWiPe it’s possible for you to see this. The final measure in a GoWiPe strike is sending in heroes or your last troops to really go for the Town Hall. With GoHo, the final measure keeping them living to ruin the remainder of the base and is surgical Hog Rider deployment.

A base, it’s intending the best way to get each and every part ruined is not being overrun by 3 Star assaulting

The most effective solution to show you what I mean is described in this totally fantastic video (one of the greatest CoC videos on the planet) by Powerbang:

The 3 Star Formula. Yes Read Up. This Is How To Do It.

I understand many of you hunt for the secret recipe to get 3 Stars using a strategy that is specific. There’s not a strategy out there which works for each scenario, although I hate to disappoint you.

Real 3 Star attackers make use of their strikes to be developed by the following:

Funneling Troops

You need to have the capacity to make your troops go where you would like them to go in the event that you make a strategy. The very first fundamental skill you must have is funneling troops. Should you frequently see Heroes or your troops drift, read these guides:

You must plan additional than just Town Hall destruction. In 3 Star assaulting, the Town Hall is a construction like all others. You will receive them all, thus don’t cease there. Intend the way in which your troops may do that and the way to ruin the complete foundation.

  • Can your PEKKAs live a Hidden Tesla farm?
  • How will you be able to deactivate the in double Giant Bombs to ruin the remaining defenses?
  • How will you be able to ruin the interior Air Defenses to make use of surgical Balloons?
  • Before you move, such questions need responses.

Never Deploy Everything

All 3 Star attackers – and I don’t mean those who inadvertently 3 Star – I mean individuals who intend to every single time – don’t deploy their troops all all at the same time. They divert defenses, develop a funnel, cause Tricks send in Heroes, take out specific Defenses and clean up with surgical deployments.

It’s trying compared to dropping Charms and deploying mass Dragons. Tough focus is desired during each and every second of the strike and the 3 Star assault is screwed up if a mistake is made. GoHo is among the 3 Star strategies that demonstrate away that:


I’m prepared to get a lot 1 Star ratings for this particular place because I didn’t offer a simple to utilize and foolproof strategy that works step by step, night and day. Real 3 Star assaulting is an art that only masters of the match can achieve. To be honest, I frequently fail doing perfect myself to 3 Star strikes. Rock Climbing the Top ten Leaderboard today is a matter of doing 2 and 1 Star strikes as frequently as possible. There are a lot of professional War Families out there which practice the 3 Star artwork each and every minute. Those are the actual masters and artists out there in this game.